Last Sunday, we went out for a dinner with my tita, tito, pamangkins. Small bonding since my tita and tito will be back in US days from now. Quality time it is. So they decided to dine at King Bee since it is near our place and it would be hard for us since we have two kids with us.

    Honestly, I am not into Chinese foods. I dont like calamari and the likes but King Bee’s calamari is an exception! We didn’t order much since we cannot finish all of them.

    FIRST, they served us tea which I don’t know if it tastes good since I don’t like teas that much. As for appetizer, egg drop soup. It is so deliciousss! As for our main course, they ordered cold cuts, pancit canton, calamari then the rice, etc *i cannot name da others*

    One thing I like King Bee is that they offer live fishes and you can request for it and they will cook it for you. 

    The sauce is also delicious especially the ginger-flavored sauce and also the mayo that made the seafood salad roll tastier!

    Sorry if the pictures don’t look that appealing because I only take photos after we eat. I don’t know but yeah.

    Luckily, the resto was not crowded even it was Sunday which was a good thing. I love the ambiance of the resto. It was so calm and yeah.

    Overall, we enjoyed the meal. Even if it was quite pricey but then delicious. We went home with our stomach full. Five stars for King Bee.

    Plus, the service is nice, the resto is clean and the waiters are really accommodating!

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